Assalamu Alaikum,

‘It may be difficult but not impossible’- with this belief, I humbly propose my candidature for the Lok Sabha Constituency of Gurgaon as a candidate for B.S.P. & L.S.P.. I am sure, friends, your judicious decision will withstand all odds.

I have decided to contest for a seat in the Lok Sabha to take a stand against poverty, unemployment and inequality. I reiterate that the objective of my candidature is to promote mutual understanding and amity amongst the people of this country and to depict the true face of India which is the most tolerant, liberal, progressive, rational and forward-looking country based on principles of human values irrespective of faith, caste, creed and colour. This is the need of the hour to spread this understanding far and wide. As we are passing through testing times and turbulent conditions, this onus and responsibility lies upon us. Be assured that together we will leave no stone unturned for retaining the pristine glory of our country and I promise that the development of Gurgaon will not remain confined merely to false promises; actions will speak of themselves, Insha-Allah.

Friends, this is the moment when we are not supposed to wait for opportunity but create it. We have to do something today so that our tomorrow does not blame us. Together we will dream it, believe it and build it.
Sincerely yours,

Rais Ahmad
Gurgaon Lok Sabha Candidate for B.S.P. & L.S.P.